A good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity - it is a prerequisite

– Barack Obama

The right education from the right school in your preferred field helps you to connect and collaborate with leaders and peers around the world. Find out how EApps Global takes you a step closer to your aspiration.

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About Us

Take a step closer to your dream career.

Pursue any course of your choice backed by the right counselling from EApps Global

Scores of talented students from countries all over the world try and apply to prestigious universities in countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia and India every year. However, due to lack of proper guidance on the courses and the application process, many students miss out on a world-class education which gives them a huge jump in their chosen field.

Phase 1
  • Examining candidate’s education/ experience and interests
  • Course recommendations (based on interest)
  • University suggestions (based on country/ location/ financial status)
  • IELTS coaching (if required)
  • guidance for government scholarships/ bank balance (if applicable)
  • End to end visa process assistance
  • VISA mock interviews
Phase 2
  • Accommodation in UK
  • University registration
  • Assistance in getting BRP card and NI number
  • Registering for student Oyster card
Phase 3
  • Personal mentoring during studies
  • Assisting in getting part time jobs
  • Assistance with university projects/ assignments/ dissertation.
  • Internship opportunities
  • Classroom/virtual training in Wordpress/PHP/ Salesforce/ Dot Net etc
  • Assistance in PSW applications
Phase 4
  • Assistance in finding IT employment
  • CV/Cover letter preparation
  • Interview prep
  • Assistance and guidance in VISA extension

What is your course of choice?

Business & Law
Business Administration
Engineering and Technology
Health & Welfare
Information Technology
Natural Resources Management
Science & Mathematics
Social Science

Also, what should you
consider before finalizing your decision?

Rank of UniversityTuition Fee

How we work

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Uncompromising Standards

We approach each situation with unwavering ethics and a drive to create extraordinary value in each students’ education. We never rest until you are satisfied.

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Actionable Plans

Guided by years of hands-on strategy and execution, we ask the right questions, anticipate obstacles and create actionable plans to ensure you reach your goal faster.

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Only one way to work – Yours

We put the right people on the job and adapt our approach according to the goals of each student. With EApps, you get a personalized solution consistent with your requirements.

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Approachable Counsellors

We work in cadence with you, reducing time and errors at every step. Our team is available on call, over mail and in-person anytime to ensure you reach a level of informed clarity in your final decision.

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Resourceful and Diligent

EApps Global puts together relevant materials, thoughtfully crafted to deliver on every level. We prepare you for opportunities on hand and bigger ones down the road.

What we offer

We provide assistance in selecting the right program in your preferred country. In addition, we support your quest for education through the following services

Services we offer

  • Country, University and Course Counselling
  • Relevant Competitive Exams details
  • Application Assistance
  • Supported School Types – Undergraduate, Masters and PhD

We are ready when you are. Reach us at