When start-ups should consider virtual assistants?

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To get over the survival phase, start-ups need to ride against a wave of challenges in different phases of their growth cycle. From incubation and funding to managing growth and scaling up, start-ups need to match opportunities with requirements in every phase. This would require them to focus on innovative growth plans.

Start-ups can seek the help of virtual assistants for integrating capabilities and strengths to grow. Indeed, they have a tough time finding talent with the correct product-market fit. After raising so much money from investors, it is not a feasible idea for start-ups to populate all the cubicles with employees and then hunt for that elusive product-market fit.

It is in this context that hiring a virtual assistant can help start-ups take care of their usual pain-points:

  1. Talent: Early stage start-ups require talented professionals for the long term. Attracting and retaining the highest calibre talent is not always easy for start-ups. Getting help from accredited professionals is the best thing that can happen to a start-up.
  2. Social media marketing: Digital marketing is an intensive field. It involves a lot of effort and resources. Hiving off the tasks to dedicated virtual resources takes care of a necessary headache.
  3. Customer relations: Start-ups often have to face a high rate of attrition in this job role. Taking help from professionals in relationship management is the best thing that can happen to start-ups. Virtual assistants on hire do this job effectively and at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Administration: From daily accounting to handling daily tasks, performing these tasks can be a challenge for start-ups. It is one field where too many start-ups hire with very short-term thinking. Virtual assistants provide start-ups with the necessary support system that they will need a year from now.
  5. Business consultants: Start-ups can never field highly qualified staff in the role of consultants. Even part-timers charge a bomb-shell. Getting hold of on-demand virtual consultants can help start-ups cross crucial milestones in their journey.

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