Resource as a Services

Supporting businesses and entrepreneurs in their administrative, marketing,
operations, IT, and sales tasks

Dedicated Remote Staff

Pay-as-you, hire a virtual assistant model gives you the best of professional expertise and reduced costs

Virtual Assistant

Expert staff with the highest professional standards & exposure across industries

Office Hub @ London

Fully provisioned & well-appointed infrastructure in London for entrepreneurs

Compliant Processes

We have invested heavily in screening and operations control to ensure 100% compliance to governing standards

Transparent Systems

Daily monitoring of professional activities & transactions on dashboard for continued quality control


Our workforce governance policies ensure to advance responsible business practices & improve long term performance

We have supported

Dedicated Remote Staff
Virtual Assistant


For companies engaging in a range of software development and managed IT services, EApps Global provides talent resources who have experience across domains and verticals:

  • Web developers
  • Software developers
  • Programming
  • Mobile application developers
  • Game developers
  • Support engineers
  • Data visualizers
  • Design engineers
  • QA testing engineers
  • Technical consultants
  • Security analysts
  • Network engineers
  • Webmasters
  • System/network admins
  • Artificial intelligence developers
  • Virtual reality developers
  • Augmented reality developers

Customer support

From providing inbound customer care support to outbound services (for lead generation), EApps Global has an experienced team of winning experts to help build your customer base:

  • Customer service executives
  • Live chat support
  • Telemarketing executives
  • Technical support executives
  • Collection executives
  • Data validation executives
  • Lead generation executives
  • Customer acquisition executives
  • Account management executives
  • Telesales executives
  • Help desk executives
  • E-commerce support executives

Specialized services

Whether it is payroll processing, administration, or project management, EApps Global can bring you the right resource at the right time and at the right cost:

  • Project management executives
  • Healthcare consultants
  • Medical encoding specialists
  • Legal consultants
  • Clinical abstractors
  • Recruitment executives
  • Performance management analysts
  • Knowledge process outsourcing analysts
  • Business process analysts
  • Medical billing executives
  • Underwriters
  • Architecture assistants
  • Logistics support executives
  • Human resource assistants
  • Engineering assistants

Creative & design

Multimedia companies and advertising agencies can tap into our talent pool for assured solutions. EApps Global provides you with dedicated remote staff to help you deliver creative services:

  • Web designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Creative writers
  • Proofreaders
  • Game developers
  • Photo editing specialists
  • Industrial designers
  • UX designers
  • 3D modelers
  • Animators
  • AutoCAD engineers
  • Storyboard artists

Digital marketing

Digital marketing campaigns are best handled when left to the experts. EApps Global has marketing specialists who have worked in competitive campaigns across the spectrum:

  • Digital marketing executives
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) executives
  • Social media executives
  • Media planners
  • Marketing analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Content marketing executives
  • Email marketing executives
  • Visual merchandisers

Functional support

Wanted dedicated assistants to help you with the routine and not-so-routine tasks? EApps Global resources have expertise in a range of administrative functions:

  • Data entry executives
  • Transcription executives
  • Procurement executives
  • Secretarial assistants
  • Administrative executives
  • Community moderators
  • Real-estate support executives


Having access to highly skilled financial resources is a boon for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. EApps Global places skilled professionals in your team to help manage

  • business finances:
  • Accounts executives
  • Financial advisors
  • Client service executives
  • Payroll processing executives


EApps Global provides you with the best educational technologists, trainers, and content

  • specialists across domains:
  • Curriculum developers
  • Instructional designers
  • Authors
  • Reviewers
  • Soft-skill trainers

Start building your team now.