RPA is here to Stay?

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Rewire your business operations

RPA is the foundation for a broader digital transformation strategy that is proliferating organizations as business leaders across the C-suite are attempting to remake how their organizations operate. In more detail, these RPA tools belong to a class of software that can be configured into BOTs which replicate human interactions with existing applications. RPA adds smart user interface automation, text analysis and document processing to macros, workflows and rules engines.

It is beginning to extend into the cognitive domain; leveraging knowledge platforms, machine learning and natural language processing. A number of product vendors and industry experts have even testimonies that RPA offers direct ways of driving significant cost savings in the short-term while offering even greater potential for organizational efficiencies in the longer-term. In this point of view, we examine the business case behind these concepts and offer a pragmatic framework on how you can deliver measurable ROI with a program.

Current State of Automation and AI Adoption

Most of the business even in this digital era operates through manual input and human-driven data which are identified as a major setback for businesses during its period of growth. Besides, adding to the misery, the data transfer is held in the form of files and documents from one department to another. As the volumes of data are exponentially increases, compiling them in one single process becomes a tedious and lengthy process.

Not to forget, since they are done manually, there is always scope for multiple human errors and miscalculations. On the other hand, customers care executives rummaging through these paper works and other files and documents compilation results in a lack of promptness and untimely delivery of services to the customers. So along with the growth of the business, the complexities also grow to distribute the nightmare to stakeholders and investors.

Potentials of RPA

Work Around the Constraints of Big Legacy IT

Automated business processes using legacy IT landscapes are highly complex and are incredibly sticky and expensive to change. Businesses and corporate IT have traditionally struggled, both technically and economically, to deliver modern, stratified platforms that offer the level of business agility that is demanded today.

Re-architecting business processes and enterprise landscapes is a large challenge, and most proposed solutions take far too long to generate measurable financial value. RPA through remote appears to offer a way to get around the above constraints and deliver benefits in the near-term. Along this theme, businesses are no longer fearful of, or averse, to initiating emerging technology-led change programs, as RPA through remote programs are being adopted and driven by front-line leaders who believe they can manage these deliveries successfully with minimal cost and technology input.

As a study by Research and Markets reveals that the RPA market is estimated to grow 30.14% YoY for the next 5 years, reaching $2,467 million by 2022. So, if automation is on your agenda (which it must be), but you’re being reluctant when it comes to implementation, here are top lucrative benefits on why you should stop thinking and start doing RPA through remote staffing.

So, what are some of the primary benefits of hiring remote RPA Analyst and developers?

• You hire remotely, EApps talent pool that will be available in prominent IT pioneering countries like the U.K., U.S, and India. Whether the developer or analyst is the other end of the country or the other side of the globe, it doesn’t matter. You can always add them to your team
• Our remote staff don’t need your office space, no desks, no computers, no phones, no stationary, no coffee and on which results in deploying RPA in the most cost-effective way
• We help you have a centralized place for communication through slack and any such online group communication tool of your preference must for maintaining a consistent communication
• We make it easy to share work, daily updates and collaborate through tools like Google Docs and alike
• We make sure to schedule meetings daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly to provide an update for all to assure every hand in the project is in the loop
• Last but not least, our remote staff work on your time zones during your business hours in your convenient and available time.

Approach to the Transformation Journey

EApps equip remote RPA solution approach to leverage advanced automation capabilities on the transformation journey for RPA has driven automation across all your business processes. We enable predictive diagnosis and process discovery, and eventually cognitive decision making. The tremendous business value potential that is driven across the automation continuum through knowledge curation capabilities, thereby pushing organizations towards creating intelligent knowledge ecosystems.

To make you successful in taking advantage of the automation and AI revolution, we help your business establish a lightweight, cross-functional automation and AI to define the vision and manage the business case. This strategy curates the learning, oversee delivery, govern the development of the product’s life cycle, support organizational change and ensure that the needs of the business remain central to every initiative.

Concluding Factor

Automation technologies offer huge opportunities to help business transform into the future and realize value on entirely new levels. Here is where EApps remote RPA solution assists companies to set themselves to move quickly and deploy RPA with due care considering to make your own journey sustainable.


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