How can Salesforce transform your business?

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Salesforce is THE perfect CRM. Why?

Faster time-to-market, insightful analytics and multiple apps integrations which help to increase lead volumes, conversion rates, win rates and customer retention.

Let’s take the example of Aston Martin, the iconic luxury British sports car manufacturer and see how they geared up for growth with salesforce.

  1. They discovered new insights into customer behaviour and their brand that will accelerate growth.
  2. In a short time, they went from an ageing customer database that only 10 people could access to a collaborative solution that can grow with them.
  3. Employees could access information exactly the way it appears to everyone. Nothing is miscommunicated.
  4. The regional teams supporting the dealership network spent a huge amount of time travelling but with the Salesforce Mobile App, they have the data they need in the palm of their hands.
  5. Their customers expected a personal experience that singles them out as individual and with Marketing Cloud, Aston Martin will be able to create dynamic and unique content for both customers and prospects.
  6. They now have the insights they need to drive greater revenue generation and deliver richer customer experience.

Do you want to implement Salesforce for your business? Contact EApps to see how we can help!

With salesforce, you too can get closer to your customers, and unlock new insights to steer your company towards greater success.


Why should you implement Salesforce within your company?

  • Straightforward operations – No servers, no software installation and no loss irreplaceable data files – you can start storing data immediately after purchase.
  • Depth of operations and customizability – Catering to most organizational needs, Salesforce offers a wide array of features and functionalities. If you don’t find the feature you are looking your admin can make point-and-click alterations via the Builder to configure the application as per your business requirements.
  • Scalability – 5 months or 5 years, Salesforce can meet all your expectations even when your company grows at an exponential rate over the years. Innovative features released at regular intervals by the Salesforce team make the product relevant to the current industry operations.

Reports and Pipeline Management – Your sales team will have a consolidated view on potential opportunities to prioritize their tasks with regular reports on their performance.


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