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EApps Global provides on-demand remote service and virtual assistant to UK-based start-ups, solo businesses, & SMEs

Headquartered in London, EApps Global is a leading provider of dedicated resources and remote support to businesses in the UK. Our staffs are experts in handling routine administrative tasks, processing complex IT requests, and more. We commenced operations in 2018 as a specialized resource provider, assisting clients to meet the standards and demands of doing business in the competitive marketplace. Today, we are a reputed one-stop shop for all remote assistance solutions

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Our Vision

Having the right people for the right job

makes all the difference.

Entrepreneurs in the UK have the skill, capital, and network to establish a business and scale up profitably. However, as they face dynamic work requirements and short turnaround times, focusing on non-core aspects of the business stretches their capability and places undue stress on resources. It affects the bottom line and adversely impacts the business. Hiring resources are out of the question for companies on the bootstrapping or growth mode: resources are often expensive, talent is hard to find, and training is unmanageable. EApps Global was conceived to help enterprises hire experienced professionals based on the business need. Our curated team of remote staff and virtual assistant give you the advantage in this competitive landscape.

Businesses often pin their hopes on their strategy, but the best business strategy is the one that has the right people at the centre.
- Mahipal Katha

MAHIPAL KATHA has vast experience in handling a range of services, including start-up support, consulting, and technical support. With a background in handling technology staffing solutions, Mahipal Katha realized that hiring good people is one heck of a job, irrespective of function and industry. Known for his deep insight into industry practices, Mahipal straddles many skills, which help him to create a fine balance between strategic thinking and operational efficiencies. He has delivered on massive transformation initiatives, ensuring right business outcomes with evidence-based people solutions. EApps Global grew rapidly due to his commitment and passion to support clients by providing measurable business outcomes through people. Mahipal understands and believes that strategic thinking can only succeed when execution is right. Having the right people is the Holy Grail to any successful outcome. Towards this end, he has built an eco-system of resources to assist clients with operational support, including administration, IT, and HR among others.

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